1. The Las Vegas Sun Camp Fund will provide for one camping experience per camper per year for youth ages 8 through 14.
  2. Campers should be residents of Southern Nevada.
  3. The Sun Camp Fund and the referral agency will be responsible for verifying the low income and / or need of the youth.
  4. The Sun Camp Fund money is not to replace or adversely affect any on-going agency campership program. It is designed to augment the agency’s own campership program.


  1. The Sun Camp Fund will automatically approve all applicants who meet our criteria and who are receiving funding through the Nevada State Division of Child and Family Services; but the Sun Camp Fund reserves the right to make its decision based on an individual, rather than a group, basis.
  2. Applicant’s family income will be considered using Title I guidelines as a norm. The Sun Camp Fund will also consider extenuating circumstances such as; one parent, illness, and unemployment.
  3. Referral agencies should encourage campers to earn a portion of the camping fee or spending money, if required; or families of campers are urged to pay part of the fee, if possible. This creates a special interest on the part of the camper and the parent.
  4. Agencies are requested to try to involve campers in the year round agency program.
  5. Agencies are urged to waive any membership requirements for Sun Camp Fund campers.
  6. Agencies will perform needed pre-camp planning with parents or related individuals and do a follow-up after camping session.
  7. Agencies are urged to give camperships to their members whenever possible in order to enable Sun Camp Fund monies to provide more camperships for nonmembers. (Each agency referral will be given careful consideration).
  8. Agencies are encouraged to provide counselors with diversity training.
  9. Camps and groups receiving support from the Las Vegas Sun Summer Camp Fund should not discriminate on the basis of sex, national origin, color, or religion. They should not be required to participate in religious services, ceremonies, or practices as part of their camping activities.


  1. All applicants must fill out a Sun Camp Fund application and Health History form. These forms, including proof of physical exam for each child, must be approved by the Sun Camp Fund Screening Committee at least seven (7) days prior to the camper's departure. No fees will be paid if a camper attends camp without prior approval.
  2. After approval of the applicant, the Sun Camp Fund will contact the youth agency requesting placement.
  3. All placements must be made jointly by the Sun Camp Fund and each respective youth agency. Youth agencies are not to make placement for Sun Camp Fund applicants at the request of parents or referral agencies.
  4. After each applicant has been placed, agencies will send a Health History form, clothing and equipment list, departure and transportation information, conduct code agreement (if applicable) and a letter advising the applicant of the placement and the fact that he/she will be a Sun Camp Fund camper.
  5. Referrals may come from schools, youth and social services agencies such as Family Resource Centers, The Urban League, Nevada State Welfare, Clark County Social Services, Clark County School District, Catholic Community Services and others.
  6. Applications and Healthy History forms will be available at most referral agencies, the Las Vegas Sun and online at
  7. The Sun Camp Fund will notify social caseworkers as well as the families of the campers, whenever applicable, as soon as placement has been made. Caseworkers will advise the Sun Camp Fund of address changes for foster children who have applied for camperships.
  8. The Sun Camp Fund will send campers to resident camps which are members or ACA or observe the same health and safety standards. It is strongly recommended that the camps be ACA accredited.
  9. If for any reason applicant is unable to attend the camp in which he/she has been placed, the applicant’s name will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. The Sun Camp Fund will make no more than two attempts to place an applicant.
  10. Each agency will complete and sign a LV Sun Summer Camp Fund, Agency Information Form and a Camp Slot Information & Camp Cost per Child Form.
  11. Each agency will be responsible for paying transportation costs. The LV Sun Summer Camp Fund will pay for actual camp cost, minus parent co-pay.
  12. The LV Sun Summer Camp Fund will not pay for No-Shows.
  13. Administrative costs will not be absorbed by the Sun Camp Fund.
  14. Camps must occur between June 1 and August 31.
  15. In the event that a camper or the family of a camper is paying a portion of the fee, the camping agency where the camper has been placed shall collect the partial fee and remit it to the Sun Camp Fund.
  16. The Sun Camp Fund will not pay any camping fees prior to the camper attending camp. This applies to campers attending both local and out-of state camps.
  17. Fees will be paid after the Sun Camp Fund has been billed. Billing must be sent in no later than 30 days after the conclusion of camp. It is suggested that Camper Record Cards be filled out at the conclusion of each camping session and sent to the Sun Camp Fund office.