The Summer Camp Fund was proposed in the late 1960's by Charlotte Hill, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the Economic Opportunity Board.   Recognizing the advantages of a camping experience for children, Hill asked the EOB to apply for a grant to fund a summer camping program for economically disadvantaged youth.   After these funds were no longer available through the Office of Economic Opportunity, Hill approached the Las Vegas Sun founder and publisher Hank Greenspun. Because of the Sun's commitment to the community and children's issues, Greenspun assigned Ruthe Deskin, assistant to the publisher, to work with Hill.   Since that first year in 1970, their efforts have resulted in a successful program that has sent thousands of children to summer camp

The Sun Summer Camp Fund continues to work with various youth agencies and contracts with them for space in their camps. Camps are located in Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah and are either American Camping Association accredited or have comparable health and safety standards.

The Sun Summer Camp Fund serves youth age 8 to 14 and no child is turned down for lack of funds.  

The Las Vegas Sun Summer Camp Fund is made possible by the kindness and generosity of individuals, orgianizations, and local businesses.